Українського Православного
Собору св. Володимира

м. Парма, Огайо

of St. Vladimir's Ukrainian
Orthodox Cathedral

Parma, Ohio
"...І чужому научайтесь, й свого не цурайтесь..." – Т. Шевченко
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School Closings
Attention parents and students! As for closings of T. Shevchenko School of Ukrainian Studies due to severe weather conditions, we ask to watch announcements at the school website, check periodically e-mail, TV and radio messages of iAlert School Closing System:

You may want to subscribe for free text messages on school closings to your cell phone by selecting "T.Shevchenko Sch of Ukrainian Studies" in the list of Cuyahoga County Schools.
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Ukrainian Historic Calendar
16 січня
17 січня
1734 - Помер гетьман Данило Апостол.
1805 - Відкрито університет у Харкові.
1921 - Урочисто відкрито у Відні Український Вільний Університет.
18 січня
Remembering the Holodomor victims

Remember your Great
unborn Ukraine

Запали свічу у вікні

November 24
Memory flame in your window!

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Dear parents of the T. Shevchenko School,

Due to the growing number of patients with coronavirus disease (Covid-19), including the delta variant of this disease, which, unfortunately, now affects children, we ask you to strictly adhere to safety measures and require it from your children.

In particular, first of all, we require that all adults, both teachers and parents, and school-age children, starting from the Kindergarten class, regardless of the vaccination status, wear protective masks while in the school building.

Second, we ask parents to monitor their children's health. In the event of symptoms of an infectious disease such as influenza or coronavirus (Covid-19), children should stay home and see family doctors for testing and care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommend testing for Covid-19 to anyone who has been in close contact with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 patients in 5-7 days after contact, regardless of symptoms.

Third, the CDC reported possibility of vaccination against Covid-19 for children of 5-11 years of age with a pediatric dose of the vaccine. Such vaccinations can help protect family members, unvaccinated siblings, and family members at increased risk of serious illness in the event of infection. It will also keep children themselves from getting seriously sick if they do get Covid-19. To vaccinate children of 5-11 years of age, parents should contact their family physicians or visit ɡettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.ɡov. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

School Administration



.: COVID-19 Rules and Regulations



In the School of Ukrainian Studies. T. Shevchenko begins the new 2021-2022 school year. Classes begin on September 11 and will take place in the normal physical presence of students and teachers in school rooms with the necessary health safety measures in the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To ensure the maximum safety of children, staff and parents at the School of Ukrainian Studies. T. Shevchenko, according to the orders of the Department of Health of the State of Ohio, the School introduces the following requirements from September 11, 2021.

Parents should check health of their children before they leave for school each day and keep them home if they are sick or exhibit any of the symptoms listed below.

If any of these symptoms were present in isolation (only one), a child may return to school after the symptom is completely resolved:

- Headache;

- Nausea/Vomiting (min. 24 hours);

- Fatigue;

- Muscle Aches.

If any of these symptoms were present, medical clearance is required to return to school:

- Fever;

- Chills;

- New onset/worsening of nasal congestion (not associated with allergies);

- Diarrhea;

- Loss of smell or taste;

- Sore throat;

- New onset cough;

- Chest pain or difficulty breathing.

This list of rules and measures is not exhaustive and may be supplemented or amended as necessary or necessary.



Calendar of School Events (2022-01-17)
Last month
Saturday, 4 — School Day. Faculty Meeting.
Saturday, 11 — School Day.
Saturday, 18 — School Day. St. Nicholas Program.
Saturday, 25 — Christmas (Gregorian calendar).
Saturday, 25 No school due to Christmas.
This month
Saturday, 1 — New Year.
Friday, 7 — Christmas celebration (Julian calendar).
Saturday, 8 No school due to Christmas celebration (Julian calendar).
Saturday, 15 — School Day. Faculty Meeting.
Saturday, 22 — School Day.
Saturday, 29 — School Day.
Next month
Saturday, 5 — School Day. Faculty Meeting.
Saturday, 12 — School Day.
Saturday, 19 — School Day. The Second Trimester ends. Trimester tests.
Saturday, 26 — School Day.
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